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Car Maintenance Tips You Must Never Ignore in Calgary

Your car and your health have one thing in common – they have to at their optimum best at all times. That explains why there are so many auto repairs and healthcare facilities around. But over and beyond such comparisons, there are what many car experts consider as extremely important car maintenance essentials. Read on to learn more about such essentials and why they are important as far as your car’s performance is concerned.

Engine oiloil-change

Your engine oil is what blood is to your body. Without it, your car will certainly not start. It doesn’t end just that. Taking long to change your car oil may spell doom for your engine. Fortunately even for first time car owners, changing your car oil is not rocket science. You can either do it on your own or have it changed at a gas station. Be sure to also check your car engine level every morning to ensure that it never runs below the recommended minimum.


The gear box

car-gearboxThere is much more into your car’s gearbox than the fact that it helps you engage different gears. It must work with ease. It should be in fact, flawless. Anything else other than that can easily mean that your safety will be at stake. The last thing you would want as your drive either at a high speed or average speed would be trying to slow down only to realize you cannot use the clutch or even break. To avoid such instances, have the gearbox serviced at least once every three months.


Alarm system


Imagine heading out of your office to the parking lot where you left your car just to find it missing. The thought of it alone is disturbing. This happens all the time though. The worst part about it is the fact that your car insurer may refuse to indemnify you for your loss. On the flip side however, you may be indemnified right away if your car had an alarm system and got lost anyway. So take time find an alarm system as well as a car tracking system you can rely on.






This is pretty much self-explanatory. Brakes hardly fail. But more often than not when they do, it is always a matter of negligence that would have been avoided if one took time to service his or her car. Brakes servicing as you will later find out, is all about changing your brake pads at the right time. Then while at it, always buy brake pads from the respected brand names.




Your mechanic

autorepair_1Don’t just let anyone service your car. Car experts recommend that one should have one mechanic to handle servicing. The rationale behind such a recommendation is easy to understand. By dealing with one mechanic, you will give that mechanic a chance to understand your car and how it works. It will therefore be easy for the mechanic to troubleshoot glitches on your car. This may also mean that you get to have your car serviced at discounted rates.

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